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Monday, August 07, 2017

What about the Women and Children?

What about the Women and Children in our countries. Our countries that are being infested by the ravaging pigs from hell? What about them? Who's going to protect them, provide for them, look out for them while we allow these ravishing pigs from hell occupy our countries?

Shame on us! Shame on all of us!

I've never witnessed this level, this degree of apathy in my lifetime until now. I never expected this wholesale invasion of our country, our neighborhoods by these murderous, demanding, degrading, self righteous, out of control thugs to be allowed to occur simply to appease what some would call a "religion".

Genital mutilation? pedophilia? servitude? slavery? bestiality? Taqqiyah, lies to promote religious greed? wholesale slaughtering of "non-believers", torture, amputations, beheadings... it goes on. All of this is occurring globally in the name of a vile cult that claims to be a "religion". Worse yet, it claims to be a "Religion of Peace". Yet its very existence demands violence from its followers, its practitioners.

In the end... what about the women and children?


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