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Friday, August 25, 2017

Roger Stone is RIGHT! Impeachment means Civil War!

Let there be no doubt! There will be another civil war if the left, the global elite try to impeach Donald J. Trump our properly and duly elected President Of The United States of America!

Many of us... MANY of us will not stand by to let the global elite destroy our Republic! We will not stand by and watch the person we elected as our President, Donald J. Trump be impeached by a politico hack group and a bunch of butt-hurt liberal hooligans!

There will be hell to pay for all of us! But if an impeachment comes realize we've all been forewarned!

I'm not promoting violence, I'm predicting it will happen, given certain conditions.

Perhaps that's what the left wants. A reason to destroy our resolve, our Republic as we know it. After all, our mighty fine United States Of America is the most sought after mantle "trophy" on the face of this planet today. Everyone globally wants a piece of our pie! Everyone.

But they don't want to share it with anyone else.


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