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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Phoenix Is Now A Sanctuary City... again.

After secretly meeting with a member of the ACLU the Mayor of Phoenix and the new Maricopa County Sheriff have agreed to provide sanctuary to illegal aliens. Further, the new elected Maricopa County Sheriff,  took it a step farther by releasing scores of illegals from the Maricopa County jail, many who were facing serious criminal charges and had criminal histories, or so it's reported. I guess this is the Phoenix Mayor's and the new Sheriff's "touche' " to the rest of the citizens in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona and America!

Watch this video for the details.

And if you don't believe what you just watched then read this article! It's revealing!

But shhh... don't tell anyone. Phoenix wants that federal money they got when they weren't (wink-wink) a "sanctuary city" so it's a secret... kinda like a "have their cake and eat it too" thing.

Illegals held in the Maricopa County jail were released by the incoming Sheriff after the new Sheriff and mayor met with a leftist group. Many of those jailed illegals were being held as violent criminal offenders and now they're back out on the street. But I guess in Arizona, especially Phoenix illegals aren't capable of committing crimes in our country.

Or so it seems.

Liberals make dangerous government "officials" in today's United States of America.


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