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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Canadian man arrested for defending himself, his friend's home.

When I first read the headlines "Canadian Charged With Attempted Murder After Grabbing Home Invader’s Gun and Shooting Him" I thought it was either a bait and switch by some relentless advertising rag or a pathetic attempt at humor in today's really messed up world.

But I was wrong. The headlines had a real life story that followed the lead-in.

Only in Trudeau's Canada would this happen... Well, okay, maybe here someday too if the bleeding heart friggin' liberals get what they want. In fact I'm pretty sure it has happened in Chitcago, New York and other "gun free" or liberal occupied cities.

I mean, this Canadian man was defending himself, his friend and his friend's home against armed intruders and was arrested for shooting one of them in self defense. Or so it's reported.

Here's the story, read it yourself...

There has to be more to this story than what's here.

If not then my Lord! Our world's gone mad!


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