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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A Month Of Islam in Multicultural Britain

Via The Gatestone Institute, July, 2017.

Let's not forget the London Bridge attack!

These immigrants, these poor souls searching for shelter, food, protection. The world's muslims... they're showing up on the shores of nations that are predominately inhabited by Christians.

In Britain alone the assault on Christians is astounding. Not only are the suicide terrorists destroying themselves and innocents they're also exposing vulnerabilities in our western culture, our philosophies, our faith.

They are preying on our weakness, our refusal to accept the fact that they... daesh, isis, muslims are on a global jihad with two goals in mind. Either we convert or dhimmify ore we perish.

There's no in between. No "Co-Exist" like that leftist bumper sticker suggests.

And we're opening our doors to this nonsense. We're inviting those who wish to destroy us into our homes, our lives, our cultures and encouraging them to destroy us.

This is insane!


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