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Friday, August 25, 2017

America's Sheriff, Joe Arpaio

He'll be fine. He's another victim of the global elite but he'll be fine.

The man, Joe Arpaio did his job, served the people of Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona... served them well, VERY well! He instilled law and order in an otherwise hapless mess of a city ripe with criminal activity when he stepped in as Sheriff so many years ago.

The good people of Maricopa County wanted someone who would bring law and order into the big time crime riddled city city of Phoenix, county of Maricopa and they elected Sheriff Arpaio.

The man got it done! He and his dedicated group of professionals cleaned up and policed the county over the years Sheriff Arpaio served as Sheriff and they served their fellow citizens well, very well.

Which is why the left despised the man and had to bring in outsiders to establish a voting base into Maricopa County over the years. The very voting base that served to defeat America's Sheriff, Joe Arpaio!

Now, America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been found guilty of a trumped up "contempt of court" charge during a bench trial presided over by a liberal U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton. She didn't hesitate to find our Sheriff Joe Arpaio guilty of failing to comply with a court order regarding illegal immigration law enforcement. But, undoubtedly she followed the script she was provided like the good little puppet she was appointed to be.

But America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio? He'll be fine. He'll be okay.

Justice is on his side. That's far better than having a "flame on liberal judge" appointed by a flaming liberal POTUS ruling against the protection of our citizens, our collective sovereignty .

Thank you Sheriff Joe Arpaio! Thank you for your sacrifices and your service to your county, country, us!


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