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Friday, August 25, 2017

Ruh Roh!!! ACLU Be In Trouble!

The ACLU is under fire by liberals! LOL! In Twitterland of course. It seems the precious, pampered liberal souls on twitter can't get past the latest ACLU tweet. A white supremacist, racist tweet posted by the ACLU that's beyond the pale! ("beyond the pale" pun intended).

Twitter's like a pack of junkyard dogs going after a bone over this tweet. A blond haired, Stars and Stripes waving white toddler wearing a "FREE SPEECH" "ACLU" Tee Shirt and holding a rainbow "my little pony". Toughen up buttercups, it's going to be just fine.

Here's the thread re: ACLU tweet.

Just in case the photo/tweet's removed I've posted it here!

The "tweets" that follow the post are sadly hilarious, entertaining and damned revealing! What a bunch of precious pups.

Folks, we have one helluva problem here in our good ol' U.S. of A. The left... and the ultra left isn't buying into anything American these days and I don't see that getting any better anytime soon.

It's past time to fix things. Damn.



Dan T. said...

Its always good when the anti-American forces start eating their own. (And not in a sexual way.) This is starting to remind me of the "Night of the long Knives" I just hope the keep destroying each other and not one sect coming to power.

ttueoop said...

I'm back for awhile and catching up on things. Sorry about the late responses.

Funny you should mention "night of the Long Knives" because I mentioned that to the wife, my son and my oldest (I mean really old-est) brother several times when this crap comes up. I'd say it's sickening (and it is, so I will say it) but it's their "style". The left will stop at absolutely nothing. They think they see victory on the horizon and they're focused like a laser on getting there. Their peripheral vision, or lack thereof is and will continue to be their downfall.

All the other crap they're pulling will subsequently collapse much like it's beginning to do. Our job is to keep it crumbling in on them.