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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Turkey, islam and world history...

A blatant, relentless assault on Christianity and Judaism at least. Islamization of the globe will continue... 

If Turkey, muslims have their way. And the whole world watches.

Where's the uproar, the demands for peace, the demands for muslim's accountability for their vile, despicable, hate mongering activities? Where's those "good" muslims who insist on global co-existence and harmony.

Where's those "good" muslims? They're silent. Quiet. Waiting. Enabling.

They're affording time for their fellow muslims to do what they believe must be done. They're buying time, enabling the "soldiers" (terrorists, daesh, isis, isil, al-Qaeda, boko haram, whatever they choose to label their fellow muslims)... they're enabling the cult's followers hatred to pour over the rest of the globe.

It's obvious they're buying time and enabling their murderers, rapists, sexual predators, beasts in their efforts to obtain global control.

And Turkey's the silent leader in this mooslum expansion.


1 comment:

Dan T. said...

As the saying goes, "Silence is consent." Islam is not a religion. It is a terrorist organization, pure and simple.

"Where's those "good" muslims? They're silent."