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Thursday, August 24, 2017

It's not about "religion", it's about our very existence!

The muslims don't like us because we... well... exist.

You've all seen it. The bumper sticker, the window sticker on the back window of the BMW, the Audi, the car or truck in front of you... The bumper sticker, license plate frame, window sticker with the crescent, Yin/Yang, e=mc2, the star of David, the pagan sign, the wiccan emblem and the cross... etc.

Yeah THAT "Co-Exist" sticker.

The simple answer to the question "Can't we all just co-exist" is "NO"! Evidently not. Not ALL of us.

The muslims don't want us to exist, let alone "co-exist". They haven't and still don't buy into this whole "Co-Exist" movement and it appears they never will. They want what we have but they don't want us anywhere in the picture as shown by their bumper sticker...

It's a simple fact that our "leadership", our global "government" seems to keep forgetting to tell us. Muslims don't like us. At least we know this. I don't like it but given this fact I realize that I truly don't have to buy into associating, accomodating someone, some entity that won't even begin to try to understand, respect or give a damn about me.

This is actually a relief. I don't want the fascist muslims to like us. That way I won't feel compelled to like them in return. But, according to our global leadership we must like them, assimilate with them, afford them all and more.

Just like the old perversion... "land once under Muslim rule is forever under Islamic rule.".

I'm not buying into it.

"The extension of the field of jihadist struggle is universal. The terrorists charge the whole world for their failure. They knock where they can hit. Trying to please them is vain, it is our very existence that is unbearable to them."

This cult will not quit until they are wholly defeated.


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