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Friday, August 25, 2017

James Clapper, a failed politico...

It's just another CNN hit piece on Trump. The CNN mouthpiece Don Lemon up to his usual gibberish. This time CNN's bringing in another of obummer's failed administrators who's no longer employed in government because of his inept leadership. Face it, he didn't pass the muster so now he's butt hurt and wants to whine.

James Clapper found a microphone, a camera and the enabling CNN talking head, Don Lemon to complain to regarding his (clapper's) failed, short lived experiences with our POTUS Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump, the man we elected into the POTUS position via a true, responsible election. The same Donald J. Trump that soundly defeated the Clinton Cartel in the election.

Clapper and his ilk still can't get past the fact that they're all no longer a part of the big picture. So they're running to the liberal news networks to bad mouth the only real presidential candidate, now POTUS that we've had who's had a profound respect for our country over the past eight plus years.

Obama surely didn't. Barry's first global tour was an apology tour. He apologized to the world for what he and his ilk thought we, as a nation did to the rest of the world since our independence. And that was after he shipped the Churchill bust back to England.

Nah, this clapper idiot... he's nothing more than sour grapes and bruised ego. He can't get past the fact that he's not important even though he seems to think he is.

I shuddered at the thought that obummer had the codes to the nukes when he did. But I was reassured after talking to some old cronies of mine that the codes that Barry was allowed to have wouldn't have launched those nukes anyways. Not too many folks in government trusted Barry back then, fewer now. At least not too many "career" government leaders. The ones who know their jobs inside and out and have twenty to thirty years of civil service under their belts.

The elected folks and those who depend on political appointments? They'll lean whichever way the wind blows to keep their jobs and obummer's wind blew hard left.

Nope... this is just another Clinton News Network hit piece. Nothing more to see here folks. Move along.


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