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Thursday, August 03, 2017

John McCain's sellout vote...

I've let this whole McCain vote fester with the hope that my angst would subside and subsequently "go away". It didn't.

Personally, I don't like John McCain. Professionally, I despise the man. I find him a deplorable human being and pathetic, self serving politico. He's sold his soul to the politico devils in order to gain whatever he personally could over his entire political career. He hogged the hog trough.

There was a time when I thought he might, just might be a genuine human being seeking what is righteous and just for those of us who have to struggle in life from day to day simply to make ends meet. That time was fleeting. It went to the wayside fast.

The more I learned about McCain the more I despised the man.

In short McCain's a fraud. He's sold out his constituency and he's fed from the politico trough far too long. I'm thinking now that his time's so short he might have been a bit more reasonable and forgiving to folks like ourselves who work hard, struggle day in and day out for what we have, what we need. But now I'm convinced otherwise. I'm convinced McCain will go to hell just like the rest of his politico sellouts. His fortunes made off of our labors, our backs.

Here's hoping this cowards way of getting back at us, the people who voted for change in this country will be McCain's final parting shot!

His vote was not for or against health care. His vote was a self service vote against those of us who opted to "DRAIN THE SWAMP".... which we're going to do in spite of him. Undoubtedly he wallowed in the applause, the glow of his triumphant "return" to the Senate offered him by his fellow politicos while us peons watched from afar. Royalty in action- kowtowing to those who, like themselves survive from the blood, sweat and tears of others.

McCain has been and will always be a fraud. He's a self serving fraudster, a sellout to his constituency, to our nation.

May McCain rot in hell.



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