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Monday, August 07, 2017

North Korea ain't happy...

That little, overweight dude with the funny haircut... kim-jong-un over there across the Pacific Ocean from us isn't happy with the latest United Nations resolution. The one that slapped more sanctions against him and his out of control "government".

Some of those sanctions include "a ban on North Korean exports of coal, iron, lead and seafood products — and a ban on all countries importing those products, estimated to be worth over $1 billion a year in hard currency. The resolution also bans countries from giving any additional permits to North Korean laborers, another source of foreign currency for the North, and prohibits all new joint ventures with North Korean companies."

As an aside... isn't it odd how the liberal press hasn't decried the sale of North Korean "laborers" to other countries by the North Korean government. Where's the bleeding heart global liberals now? North Korean "laborers" sold to other countries are nothing more than slaves.

But then again, I digress... let's get back on topic.

According to the latest information there will be harsh retaliation against United Nations countries AND the United States in particular. North Korea's little dick-tater insists he has the right to continue to research and produce nuclear weapons that could potentially destroy our country as we know it. And he insists he has the right to use them as he sees fit.

And, I guess if he's unchecked, he does.

I also believe the whole rest of the world would be okay with that if a more practical, predictable, stable person was at the realm over there in North Korea. I'm not convinced the rest of the world is all that keen on us, the United States of America anymore after the last eight years of acquiescence and global neglect. But then again that's just me.

However, being as kim-jong-un is the little dick-tater of North Korea, being as he fomented his hatred to all things "western", in particular the United States, being as he was allowed to and did develop and begin to stockpile his arsenal of nukes during the failed POSPOTUS obummer's administration with the help, guidance and oversight... and in partnership with the Iranians, at least. Being as all of that has already occurred during the past eight years he's now ready to take it to the next level. And it ain't looking pretty.

Bunker busters or not it's going to get uglier if it gets ugly.

My family and I live in one of the "west coast" states. We live in an area that provides an inviting target to the little, obese, porker with the funny haircut over there. I wouldn't put anything past that little freak.

But then again, I kind of felt and still do feel the same way about some of our politicos right here in our mighty fine United States Of America too.

I just don't feel all that safe anymore. I'm heading into the crawl space where the black widows live.


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