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Monday, August 07, 2017

McCain, the self serving politico.

I thought I put his latest sellout of us behind me but then I read the Drudge response on Twitter and the article I allude to below.

McCain's not in public service to serve the public. He's in public service to serve himself.

He's so much like his democrat sellouts. Corruption and self service evidently is the rule of the day for politicos. At least it's the order of the day for those politicos who are hellbent on destroying our country as we know it.

And McCain's right there with them.

McCain is a traitor to us and to his political "party". He's a leftist shill and always has been since he entered politics.

And to think there was a time where I defended him simply because of his military "service" record. Those days are long gone. He's revealed his true colors and they aren't pretty.

But then again we all kind of knew that already.

Good riddance McCain. Here's hoping your retirement is miserable.


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