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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Senator Ben Sasse?

"Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is the media’s favorite “conservative.” He hates our POTUS Donald J. Trump. Or so it seems. I do know from what I've read that Sasse is not fondly thought of in Iowa though. 

I never heard of the politico until NOW! Will someone please turn this thing off. He calls himself a conservative yet he's not about being conservative at all. He's a sell out to conservatives and is hell bent on destroying our POTUS Donald J Trump's blueprint for our nation's recovery from the past eight years of failed liberalism. In short, he seems to have a politico's deathwish re: politics.

Where does he get off telling us our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't qualified for the job. What makes him think he, Sasse is?!

Ben Sasse is trying to build a name for himself. I don't think he meant to build this type of a name though or maybe, just maybe he's truly that naive or that stupid. Either way, he's not what should be considered a "leader" of our country in any sense of the word.

Sasse? He's just another self serving anti-Trump, anti-conservative politico hack who happened to scam some Nebraska voters into voting for him. He's made a mockery of Nebraska. Let's hope Nebraska wakes up soon.


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