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Friday, August 04, 2017

And The Leaks Continue!

Lately it seems like every time I power up the ol' laptop and start reading my morning news I read about MORE leaks from "someone, somewhere" about the White House, Donald Trump's business dealings, Trump's allegedly corrupt cabinet, our corrupt Congress, etc.

I'm beyond wondering if there's a "coup" of sorts going on out there. I'm convinced there is a coup. It's obviously a liberal coup. Both major parties and those who aren't "party affiliated" have been doing all they can to discredit our POTUS Donald J. Trump and effect a change that we, the people do not want.

The leaks, they're not subsiding. They're getting more blatant, bolder. It's time to start getting serious. Someone... a lot of someones needs to be reined in, held responsible and go to jail. We're becoming a banana republic to the world.

We voted for change, we're getting change and both sides of the aisle (including the back row seats) are insisting we were wrong for voting for change!

The thing about these leaks and this alleged corruption.... The longer it's allowed to be said, the longer the lies and deceit are allowed to continue the more acclimated to the false accusations the general public becomes and eventually the more accepting the public is regarding the accusations.

Is this all a build up to a coup d'├ętat that's designed to overthrow our republic and assign a global "order" to us? If so, it's a treasonous act from where I'm standing. We, the people voted for this change in the direction our country was being taken. Now we, the people expect that change. We surely don't want to accept what the liberal, global elite expect us to accept.

But then again, I could be wrong.


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