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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Pelosi dumps on hillary

Now ain't this fun! Nancy Pelosi dumps on the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton re: her political failures.

She alleges the demoncrats can win now that clinton's out of the picture.  And they just might win if our republicans and RINOs don't get it together.

But that Nancy Pelosi thing, she's a bit too high on herself from where I'm standing.



Dan T. said...

Ah hell, let the lady run for the presidency and take Lieawatha Warren as her VP candidate. The Republicans or at least conservatives would hold the white house seat for years to come! (Funny, my spell checker said for the correction of 'whitehouse' would be whorehouse. Actually? That kind of makes sense.

ttueoop said...

Yeah, being as you put it that way it does make sense. LOL!