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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Dr. Gorka, I agree with you.

For what it's worth Dr. Sebastian Gorka I agree with you. I agree we are a hyper-power that shouldn't be tested. I agree that the choice of most politicos allegedly "serving" us, their constituents is defining what's most important to them... their respective political party or us, their constituents, America!

Unfortunately, I'm thinking there's another factor to throw in the mix as well... the global agenda. I don't think us American Citizens mean much to these folks anymore. They're on another payroll, have allegiances elsewhere that can't be compromised for any reason.

However, I do believe a decision must be made by them and I believe that very decision is coming. It just might not be what many of us anticipated.

I'm thinking our politicos are near the point of assuring global order first and foremost before regional and national order is restored. And I believe our nation as we know it will lose a lot in the transition from national order, national governance to the global agenda. Those politicos who have toed the mark for global order will have earned their seat in the hall of the global elite. Those politicos who chose our country's agenda over a proposed global agenda will be forever ostracized, reduced to servants of the ruling class, hapless nuisances along with the rest of us "citizens" of the globe.

But again, I'm thinking too much lately. I'm bored. It makes a good plot for a novel though.


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