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Friday, August 04, 2017

Mueller is probing Trump's finances.

Mueller has empaneled a grand jury to probe Trump's political and business associates relating to POTUS Donald J. Trump's transactions and campaign practices.

Now it looks like that grand jury is probing some transactions that POTUS Donald J. Trump previously stated would constitute "crossing that red line".

Needless to say, POTUS Donald J. Trump's Not Happy!

All I can think of is where was this grand jury when the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi Hillary Clinton was running for Senate in New York or for POTUS, or when that POSPOTUS obummer appointed here to her failed Secretary Of State position?

Where was that grand jury when that POSPOTUS obummer ran for the POTUS. Where was it re: his birth claims, etc.?

It's a spineless conservative group we've got here in our country's politics. Spineless or traitorous. I actually believe the bulk of Republican politicos would like to see the man we voted for as our president impeached and removed from office so they can move forward with their previously failed agenda.


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