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Friday, August 04, 2017

Two more young lives gone...

It's my guess that one of the two was a young, wannabe "gangster" in the making. They were both young, bored, on summer break from school and had partied with the wrong crowd. All of the "gang" style activity most likely was beginning to suck Natalie into the world of crime, hate, anger, deceit. It was rolling just fine until one of them allegedly stole a purse from the wrong person. Most likely she were being groomed to become one of the latest "recruits" into the local hispanic gang.

Now they're both dead. Coronado High School students Derek Greer, 15, a freshman and Natalie Partida, 16, a sophomore. All because one of them "stole a purse" from one of the gangbangers.

They were at a party and stole a purse. The next thing they knew they're being assaulted with a crow bar, loaded into a car and they're eventually kneeling execution style on the ground along side of a dark. lonely, back country Colorado road where they were killed.

Executed by punks simply to "prove a point"? As a "rite of passage" for one or both shooters? Who knows.

Sadly, Derek Greer was killed because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was visiting Natalie Partida when the gangsta's came for her. They took him too. Took him and killed him just for being somewhere at the wrong time.

It happens so fast, this wannabe gangsta shat! Here today, gone tomorrow. No "goodbyes".


From the looks of those mugs I'd bet MS-13 is alive and well in Colorado Springs. MS-13, the poster children for unfettered, open borders immigration, Obama style.



Dan T. said...

Beings I claim to be a law and order kinda guy, it pains me to say this. Maybe we should take every person found to have a MS 13, MS XIII, or any other variation of, tattoo and put a bullet behind their ear. Short, cheap, no court, no jail. True, new members would avoid getting the tats, but if we move fast enough, the gang would die before it can recruit any new blood. New gangs will come, eventually, but it will take years for them to create the ruthless mindset of this group. (Maybe start with La Raza as soon at MS13 are done.)

ttueoop said...

Of course you're posting a hypothetical, last resort response when confronted with a lethal threat. I believe your comment's not intended to be a promotion of any violence whatsoever but more a response to the insidious, murderous behavior of all murderous gangs in particular when all other options seem to fail.

In short, it's a given... when our back's are to the wall, when our government's established protection fails us our options become limited. Tend to you and yours.