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Friday, August 25, 2017

Chicago? VALUES???!!!

You're kidding me!

"In 2016, more Chicagoans were murdered than in New York City and Los Angeles combined". A gun free Chitcago I might add.

Chitcago, the north central "sanctuary city"... a nest of crime, corruption, murder, mayhem and a haven for illegals! And that POS "mayor" Rahm Emanuel calls this "VALUES"?!

Things must have changed since my father lived there as a child. It must have changed one helluva lot. And from what I've read, heard and seen it hasn't changed for the better.

So now that POS Chitcago mayor Raum Emanuel is suing us, our country for enforcing our nation's laws in the city he seems to think he "owns". I mean, the last I read, saw, the last I heard Chitcago is still a part of one of the fifty states (Illinois)  comprising this mighty fine United States of America. What Emanuel does in Chitcago affects all of us and he knows it.

It's the ballerina's way of "putting it to us" so to speak. He's part of that fair haired group of politicos who's had a "silver spoon" fed to him and can't seem to get away from loving the lifestyle. His marching orders are clear, or so it seems.

The global elite, his fellow left wing hacks are still hell bent on destroying our country. They're amping up their responses to the global elite's hue and call for more "immigration", "integration" into our country... illegal or not, from the liberal elite corners of the world.

It's a wholesale global attempt to dilute our conservative culture, our conservativism in this mighty fine United States of America. And Chitcago, Phoenix, all of southern California, Portland, Seattle, Houston... many, many other  so-called "sanctuary cities"... their "leadership" is catering to the greed of the global elite, of liberalism with total disregard for us, our security, our safety, our sovereignity... us, the fine citizens of this mighty fine United States of America.

And it's all about the party, the agenda... but first it's about the liberal vote. They need more votes. Liberals, they've sold their souls to the global elite.

"numbers by immigration, victory in numbers over time"... a liberal claim I've noted several times.

These are VALUES???!!!

To some I guess. But not for the majority of us.


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