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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Guam Wants Its Freedom...

They want an end to American Colonial rule.

"About 44,900 individuals and 15,650 households (are) receiving food stamps and public health care benefits" from the United States welfare system. Not to mention the "federal grants and taxes on US service personnel in Guam" that also have a lot to do with meeting the island’s budget and infrastructure needs.

That's not freedom. It's time we let them vote on their independence and if they choose, go their own way. 



Dan T. said...

We have a few bases on Guam. Why? Nothing is there that cannot be sent from a carrier. A carrier is mobile and can be moved to a closer position in times of need. A carrier is harder to target than a static position. About the only thing a carrier cant do,that Guam can, is handle heavy bombers, (Which are of little use) and provide navel base facilities that are not really necessary. So, while it may be nice to have a "listening post" in the west pacific, with our satellites and submarines, it is not a needed base. It IS very expensive and should be allowed to become its own nation. We saved them from the Spanish a hundred and twenty years ago. Now they are grown up and should stand on their own. (The PI finally did.)

ttueoop said...

I'm thinking they're going to get that chance. It would be a savings for our country for sure and like you said it makes far more sense to keep the "targets" mobile rather than static.