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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Will Someone Please Define Their Version Of Police Brutality?!

Here's my take. I wrote this in response to a post to an article I read by a young lad who's totally oblivious to the real world.


A simple note, a request to "AD", an individual who commented re: a recent article I read on another publication's site.

"AD" Define "Police Brutality" please. 

Use a universal definition if you wish but define it. I'd prefer the universal definition. Just a little background here. I'm an Army veteran, served with the 82nd. Airborne and the 9th Infantry, 1972-75. I was a law enforcement officer from 1975-2015. I have two college degrees. I still "dabble" in law enforcement when necessary and when I'm called to "dabble" in it. Throughout my career I didn't get home every night like I thought I would but I did eventually get home. I did ensure that every bad guy I ever encountered got the opportunity to get the justice they deserved, they earned regardless of their crime. I always left the "justice" part up to a judge or jury or God himself . In the end, a few didn't ever go home again but I have to say they did get the justice they deserved. I can count on three fingers the times I was accused of police brutality. None of those charges ever passed muster. Not because the "job" was stacked against the accuser but because the accuser was lucky to be living. If anything my use of reasonable force was called into question more often than not because I chose the lesser of the many evils and still effected the arrest(s). Albeit with new aches and pains, scrapes and bruises and broken bones for all involved in the fracas'. In the end, I believe every cop... every true cop believes all involved needs to survive the fracas, the arrest. "Brutality" is nothing more than a hue and cry from the left, from those who wish to wrest us back into a totalitarian nightmare much like Europe experienced in the 30's and 40's. The left throws the term out like college kids throw condoms to the curb on prom night. The left uses it to distract, to serve as a magnet for those who might have some doubt, for those who are weak and impressionable, for those who are seeking attention, recognition. Once the left, the shat stirrers find they have an audience to their lunacy, their intended means they run with it. Nope... me going home and the puke I arrested going to jail isn't a product of police brutality, it's an example of, a product of effective training by our mentors and subsequently, proper policing. There are limits to the use of force... legal limits too. When the legal limits are exceeded then by all means make the charge, make the challenge. I may just join in with you because I don't want my noble profession tainted by bad behavior. And admittedly sometimes it was, sometimes it is and quit frankly it will be again. But to lay a blanket claim of universal "police brutality"!! To claim there's an overwhelming undercurrent of "police brutality" in the profession! Well, bub... you have absolutely no idea what law enforcement entails let alone what the world around you is all about. 


1 comment:

Dan T. said...

Have to agree hwew. Brutality is going beyond what is necessary to make the arrest. (SOmetimes more force than needed IS used, but not intentionally but due to the fact that the arresting officer doesnt know WHAT will be necessary in the middle of the mixup. Dont want to get hurt? Dont pull the crap. The guy making the arrest doesnt know what you are capable of.