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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi's "What Happened"

Here's what happened. A great open letter to the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton, one of the elite members of the "Clinton Cartel". This letter was found in the comment section of a Conservative website that was "hyping" clinton's tear soaked, vodka stained, finger pointing, "everyone else but me" confessional in really crappy book form.

Thanks to The Conservative Book Club for the affording us an opportunity to read the great comment offered by James Hennighan, a Brit who regularly visits our mighty fine United States of America!

No need to click on the link above unless you want to review the book info and see Mr. Hennighan's comment as it's posted. Either way, here's Mr. Hennighan's comment.
James Hennighan
"What Happened……?

Really Hilary……..?
The fact that you have to ask this question reveals that you still don’t get it……..or are in denial.
Permit me to enlighten you.

You were an exceptionally poor candidate..

You ran an appalling campaign which was totally disconnected from ordinary people…..

You believed it was your right to the Office of President….

It was all your fault, pure and simple.

I am a British Citizen, living in England and I regular visit the USA. During the last few years, including the run up to the election I travelled extensively in the Mountain States, California and The Deep South.

In conversations with ordinary people it was obvious to me that radical change was going to be the order of the day in US politics. It was clear to me, at least, that Mr Trump would win.

People favouring Mr Trump readily expressed their views, whilst those on the left to whom I expressed my opinion looked at me as a stranger from the Old Colonial Country……….and could not understand how I came to the conclusion that I did.

But they had only to look deeper, (if they were prepared to), and they would have reached the same and only conclusion that I did.

Time and again, ordinary people were telling me something had to change……..and would change. Trying to make ends meet by having two or three jobs came across to me regularly. This is just one example of the dissatisfaction that was expressed to me.

I shall be in the USA during the month of October, travelling to New York, Pennsylvania and then down to Georgia, where I shall, once again, be talking to ordinary people. I fully expect that I shall encounter, and people will express, their trust and faith in the decision they made to elect President Trump.

This is democracy…..

Incidentally, whilst I have yet to read ‘What Happened’ it will be rather interesting to see how many times the word democracy crops up within its pages……..!"

James Hennighan
September 13, 2017,7:57 am

I love it! Very well said! Thank you Mr. James Hennighan!

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