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Saturday, September 23, 2017

John McCain says "no" to health care.


Arizona! Do your job!

John McCain is certainly not a conservative, let alone is he one to favor our health.

Though let's be fair. He has the best health care in the world being as he's a politico serving as a Senator at our expense. He has no worries, no reasons to worry about health care so why should he. In the meantime the rest of us have to dabble with what we can... home made remedies, forego those services we can't afford, run unnecessary health risks in order to live day to day given the incomes we receive.

Even at that, we're good to go with not having just any ol' health care bill shoved down our throats... you know, like the one that was voted on several years back... the one that folks had to vote on before they could read it and had to read it before they knew what was in it.

So what'd they do?

They voted on it... obummer-care. An expensive, do nothing for you "health care" for us middle class minions who happened to have jobs and were expected to pay exorbitant prices for treatments and remedies we could illegally get or purchase internationally. Yep, obummercare opened up a whole new underground health market that took advantage of all things middle class.

And McCain supports it.

McCain is not our friend. He needs to leave... soon. I can't help but think this is McCain's "touche" to us peons before he finally checks out.


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