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Sunday, September 24, 2017


I'm done with all of these fat cat millionaires and their anti-America antics.

They can call it what they want. Label it however they want to label it, wrap it up with whatever cover they want to wrap it in but quite frankly they live the high life and these prima-donna, fat arsed millionaires have no business telling us how difficult life is out here in the real blue collar world!

Race division is a tool used by the elite to maintain instability. I guarantee you when you're out here in the real world and you're in need of some help or simply wanting some casual, friendly exchanges you won't care what race the person is you'll simply interact with them accordingly. But most of you in the NFL were never really out here in the real world for any length of time to know what it means to be able to wake up the next morning and still have a job to go to, a family to share time, experiences with and enough money to pay the bills with maybe a little left over to buy gas or even take in a movie or something.

Many of you went from rags to riches overnight and now think that money talks, money does it all, money buys importance. It doesn't, it simply exposes the ugliness in those who aren't deserving of it. Too much, too quick, too soon simply fosters more greed, more self serving importance and a sense of faux "status". You're not important. You play a game and you're in the entertainment industry. You have short careers because the game you play is a game of violence. You get paid exorbitant wages for your short careers because your career's life expectancy is short. Outside of being an entertainer, a fool for violence what do you have? An off-season of aches, pains, uncertainty?

Bottom line National Football League players and employees I mean nothing to you hence you mean nothing to me. You're nothing more than gifted athletes with a short career life span. My career lasted forty years. I managed to get things done on a pittance compared to the volumes of cash you make. I've served my time protecting our nation and later my neighborhoods. I'm proud of what I did and I hold my head high. I have no trophies on my mantle, I don't have a six, seven, eight digit retirement salary. I live modestly. I have one wife and my children and grandchildren that I've known and loved all of my adult life.

I live in the real world. I was born to it, grew up in it and will die a free man in the real world. And this free world, our mighty fine United States of America... this free world will live on! In spite of your greed, your shenanigans, your self righteous greater than thou attitudes. So keep in mind you've lost one very long time fan simply because of your greed, your self service, your perceived "self importance".

America does not need the national football league.

The NFL and its players are so far removed from the reality of life that they have absolutely no idea what they're protesting.


You fools protest those very things so dear to us that so many of us willingly sacrificed life, limb and freedom for. You protest the very notion of our country? Our unity? For what? For self serving recognition. For racial divide?!

Nah, I'm done with the national football league and I'm done with your idiotic "demonstrations". As it was, is and will be... from now on it's me, mine and our own. Each person, each family for themselves.

You want division? You've got it!



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