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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Europe: A Muslim Caliphate In Short Order

In 30 to 40 years the Mideast muslims who invaded Europe today, they and their spawn will be the majority in Europe. It's a simple, mathematical fact.

I included a link to an article authored by  in The Gatestone Institute that IMHO correctly labels the muslim "invasion" of Europe as the beginning of  "The Great White Death" in Europe, as we now know it.

The sad and maddening fact is that many of the European leaders embrace the idea.

Personally, I won't be around to experience the pain but those of mine who follow me will be affected by the fall of Europe as we know it if someone over there doesn't get a handle on sanity soon!



Dan T. said...

And the Germans just re-elected Merkle AGAIN. Her opponent want to stop the muslim influx where is is one of their main supporters. But in Germany, just like the U.S., if you oppose muslim (or illegal mexican) immigration, you're a nazi and a racist.

ttueoop said...

You're spot on Dan. Merkel won because the influx of muslims, the liberal acceptance of the invading horde of islamic "refugees" contributed to the voter base. She ensured muslims would be well cared for and in the process achieved a victory for herself, for the left, for those newly acquired "citizens" from the last islamic invasion of "refugees".

Her "win" was and will be Germany's loss. I doubt it will stop at Germany's borders. The infestation of Europe is beyond repair I'm afraid.