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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

White Privilege?

If you're lagging on education, if you're just not sober enough every day to make that first class of the day. If you're wanting to skate out on some future "lectures" then take the white privilege test and get extra credit at Professor Dae Elliot's San Diego State University's Sociology class.

Her test is designed to identify levels of white privilege afforded to white students in attendance who take the test for extra credits.

Isn't that in and of itself a "white privilege"? To take a test that identifies your level of white privilege and get extra credit for being white and taking the test.

I can't help but ask why our taxes are paying for this garbage. It's apparent that the left, the liberal element of our society can't afford to accept an unsegregated racial population. They won't allow it to happen. It's the left's "Ace in the hole" card that, if subsequently vanquished will destroy their entire existence.

The Left thrives on the existence or perceived existence of racism. They fabricate it when it doesn't exist, they fueled and maintained it when it did exist and they encourage its recurrence when the hint of racism shows it's ugly face. In short, the Left has to maintain a level of racism in our society in order to continue to exist. "Equality", the absence of racial prejudices is unacceptable to those on the Left.

The Left's fascination with racism is a disturbing fact that history has exposed. The Left cannot afford to "let it go", to "accept the facts" that racism is a fabricated myth of theirs of which they can't wholly support with current facts, examples. Hence they hype an agenda of racism... perceived racism to further their twisted, warped cause(s).

Primarily, white privilege is most definitely behind us! Those of us on the Right buried the racist fallacy decades ago.

It's time to move on.


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