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Friday, September 29, 2017

Gun Arrests Increase

Those of us who are illegally in possession of firearms are being arrested. As it should be!

The arrests of those who have illegally acquired a firearm and/or are otherwise in possession of a firearm when they're not legally allowed to be has increased by 23% thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions latest orders to those federal agencies and agents enforcing our laws.

This should help remove those of us who are allowed by the second amendment to possess and carry firearms from the scrutiny of the liberal gun hounds and their handlers. At least for the time being.

The bottom line, if you've sacrificed your Second Amendment right to possess, carry a firearm then you may be on Jeff Session's  hit list.

I'm not on the hit list. Not anymore. I never legally was on the guv'ment's hit list. The liberals have left the building.

At least for now.

Thanks for sharing this Dan! It's good info.


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