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Monday, September 11, 2017

Climate Change! Yea Baybee!!!

Okay, so as long as I'm here I thought I'd make a simple post about climate change.

Being as we've been experiencing catastrophic type 6, errr type 5, errr type 4, errr type 3, no 2, no 1, no, I mean tropical storms... okay maybe windstorms... alright then, how about rain storms kinda threatening the world but at one time really, really, really, really threatening our world somewhere, somehow undetected but reported well after the fact as facts that weren't and aren't substantiated with, well... facts.

...and as long as this is going to be the 400th post I thought I'd share a piece from Right Wing News authored by William Teach that shared and tapped into a piece authored by Bill McKibben. It's simply a fun read about Climate Change... or maybe no climate change. Who knows.

It's a bit catering to those who pray daily for our climate to cook us and the earth to implode just so they can prove their point... that climate is changing and we did it to ourselves.


In the end I'm pretty sure my old man had it right. Climate changes four times a year. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It's pretty evident.

It has changed, is changing as it always has and it will continue to change. Yawn...

Will the last one out please shut off the lights and close the door. Don't want the bugs and the vermin to get in.




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