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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hillary clinton playing the blame game... again.

The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi hillary clinton's latest book is nothing more than 
just another "blame game" affair. according to one of her "insiders" folks.

Rats off a burning ship I tell you! These hillary clinton fans are becoming nothing more than rats off a burning ship. Scratch that, these anything, anyone... "clinton fans" are jumping away from her, as far as they can from her, distancing themselves big time from her.

It seems to me they're getting as much distance between them and her that they can get so as to not be caught up in the turbulence as she's pulled under.

And can you blame them? She is being pulled under... fast.

Hopefully we won't have to hear much more from the clinton clan in the near, intermediate or far future in short time. Hopefully they'll just fade away to their little hiding hole and take it out on each other rather than blame those of you who were sucked in by their greed, their own relative narcissisms. 

But, as mentioned the blame game keeps on keeping on in the clinton camp. They even found a publisher who's stupid enough or indebted enough to publish her novel.

I prefer to read "Shattered" that's co-authored by Johnathan Allen, the gentleman who stepped up and called the clinton cartel out for what they are... in particular, hillary. They're narcissists (my translation) at least among many, many other things smattered with negative thoughts.

And they're evil.


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