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Friday, February 09, 2018

Yes Dorothy, There Is A Deep State!

And it's being unraveled and exposed more with each passing day! Don't ever think our politicos are "above" criminal behavior. They're smack in the middle of it and have been choreographing our nations demise since the left took over in 2008. They made their "balls to the wall" push when that fellow who was brought out of the shadows, barrack hussein obama was put on the democrat ticket for POTUS way back in the day of Bush Jr.'s presidency.

obama was harvested as a young child by the left, coddled throughout his childhood and spoon fed liberalism until he was unleashed on us in 2008 as our bought and paid for POTUS... the global elites, shining light.

They were giddy with their "accomplishments" of mentoring, grooming and finally buying obama and his ilk before buying the Presidency. The only problem was, Obam didn't get it done. Once again the deep state failed in spite of Soros, Rockefeller, Bush, etc. money tossed into the pot. They were so sure of themselves and their 2016 POTUS victory that they stooped to the lowly Clintons to return a favor, several favors and guaranteed another Clinton presidency.

But it didn't work. Americans, real Americans caught on and called their bluff, saving our nation from certain ruin.

And now the dreamers, those who were encouraged to come here and "wait it out" until the final blow to our republic, our existence as a United States of America was delivered to us, well those dreamers have lost their interest and are going to "head back home" if our POTUS Donald J. Trump and our country decides to eliminate any DACA deals in our efforts to truly secure our borders.

I say, let it happen! Make America Great Again!!!

Eliminate DACA! Become a citizen or go back to your home country.


1 comment:

Dan T. said...

The best thing about obama's 8 year reign is that fact that he didnt get very much done even having the house and senate democrats kissing his ah, the ground he walked on. And even what he DID manage to manipulate through is being dismantled a little more every day.