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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Montana Needs Our Help!

I received an email tonight from a friend of mine who lives in the Great Falls, Montana area.

It appears from the email that Montana needs your help. Because of the overwhelming hunter pressure and poaching of one particular critter once known to roam the plains, prairies, chaparrals, hills and mountains of Montana have decimated the critter's habitat AND, as a result the critter's overall population.

I've been told that by good sources that this particular animal has been placed on Montana's endangered species list. It's on the very edge of extinction. At least in the state of Montana though I've heard Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming are experiencing the same problems.

If you're guessing the grizzly, the bison, the yellow bellied rattle snake well, those critters are doing just fine from what I've read. Nope, you'll need to take yourself back about forty or more years in time to when these endangered fellows ran unchecked throughout the state, before a bounty was put on their head for their pelt AND their unique antlers, not to mention to rectify the overgrazing situation.

I recommend if you're so inclined to help with the emergency relief effort to re-introduce this native creature back into the state that you contact the Montana State Department of Wildlife for further information. Until then, these little fellow's range areas aren't going to be getting any larger anytime soon.

Remember, only you can help. Thanks in advance.

Oh, and thanks for forwarding this to me Dan. Glad to be of help here. ;-)


1 comment:

Dan T. said...

I hope your friends, particularly your tree hugging types help us out on this issue. We dont want to lost these cuddly little creatures.