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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Memo's Released!!!

The ten page memo that the democrat's wrote in response to the Republican's memo regarding alleged FISA abuse orchestrated by the FBI has been released to the public today for our own "consumption".

You can read the One America News story relating to the democrat's response and the facts included in the memo's release at the OAN web page. It's actually a good read. They're obviously in panic mode. The public comments following the OAN article help set the tone.


I did borrow a comment from a fellow who goes by the name "All American" in the comments section. I took the liberty of editing it up a bit and posting it here:

Our Mainstream Media…

-ABC: George Stephanopoulos was a high-level operative for President Bill Clinton.
-ABC: News Correspondent Gloria Riviera is Married to former-Obama appointee Jim Sciutto.
-ABC: Former-News Executive Producer (2008-2011) Ian Cameron Married Barry Obama's right-hand-woman and National Security Adviser Susan Rice in 1992.
-ABC: News Reporter Claire Shipman Wife of Obama's White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.
-ABC: Former News and Univision Reporter Matthew Jaffe Married to Obama's Deputy Press Secretary Katie Hogan.
-ABC: President Ben Sherwood Brother of Obama Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.
-CBS: President David Rhodes Brother of Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.

-CNN: Jake Tapper worked as a Campaign Press Secretary for a Democrat congresswoman. He also worked for a gun control advocacy group. The Congresswoman Tapper worked for is no less than Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law.
-CNN: Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto Former Obama appointee in foreign affairs, Sciutto is a former colleague of Susan Rice.
-CNN: Vice President and Washington Deputy Bureau Chief Virginia Moseley
Married to Hillary Clinton Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
-CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.
-NBC Chuck Todd is married to a Democrat party strategist.
-NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray Married to Sasha Johnson, Obama appointee at the FAA

-NPR Reporter Ari Shapiro Same-sex-married to Michael Gottlieb, who worked as a lawyer in the Obama White House.
-Washington Post reporter Sari Horowitz Married to William Schultz, general counsel for Obama's Department of Health and Human Services.
-PBS's Bill Moyers Former White House Press Secretary for Lyndon Johnson.
-Former-Politico/Bloomberg Reporter Jonathan Allen Worked for Democrat Congresswoman and former-DNC head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. In the most recent presidential election, 96% of media donations went to Hillary Clinton.
Just ask Eli Lake, the Bloomberg News reporter who broke open the Susan Rice spying scandal. Once a member-in-good-standing with the national media, his inconvenient reporting is currently either being ignored or outright smeared as "false" 24/7 by CNN.

Great comment Ray! 



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