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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

NRA's Sponsors Under Attack

Some of the sponsors for our National Rifle Association have come under attack recently by the left. One person in particular CNN's latest, groomed, pampered, leftist poster child David Hogg who seems to be hogging as much face time in the press as he can possibly get. Hogg, hailed by the media's left as the "articulate", seemingly intelligent but na├»ve and poorly informed spokesperson representing the national, leftist, anti-second amendment, anti American, anti-gun movement in the nation on the heels of the deadly Florida High School shooting.

Hogg's calling for boycotts of a number of businesses including Amazon, the National Rifle Association, United Airlines, Apple, Fed Ex, Hotel Planner, Roku, Vista Outdoors, Vinesse Wines, Roku and more. Delta Airlines has already joined in on the boycott of the National Rifle Association and has caught the wrath of Georgia at least. 

So, let's give them all of the support we can give them. Turn our attention away from those companies who would follow the left, crumble under the pressure of the left to threaten our Second Amendment rights. Let's quit flying Delta at all costs and let's make our mark with all of those other companies who simply believe the majority of Americans are wrong.

It's past time to take our country back and to Make America Great Again!

Finally, let's be done with this poster child of the left, David Hogg.



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