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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Please Be Right This Time CNN!!!

CNN, the "Clinton News Network" is hinting that Uncle Bernie Sanders will be in the democrat hunt for the next, upcoming POTUS election. From what I can take away from  the article it appears Unc bernie has the support of a lot of those mindless souls who are so intent on wresting the presidency back into the socialist arena. They're considering pulling him onto the democrat ticket again and let's hope they do. They can't, won't think rationally, reasonably. But wait, what am I suggesting? We all know they can't be rational, reasonable.

I mean, they came REAL close via that previous failure, barrack hussein obama! They were trying for an amendment to get another four years out of him at least, or so the rumor goes. They tried their bought and paid for shill, Hill and the Clinton cartel but we all know how that went for them so now in the next election but most likely in eight years of having to endure some semblance of sanity via the draining of the swamp caused by our current POTUS Donald J. Trump they're wanting to return to the socialist track and destroy the progress that we, as Americans, as loyalists voted for in 2016. They want to destroy what we've corrected and they want to take us back to their ultra liberal, ultra socialist agendas. If they can't do it in 2020 they'll settle for 2024.

I mean, their sugar daddy George? He ain't got much more time left in him and he wants to see us on our knees and our republic destroyed before he takes his final ride to Hell. His son, that other Soros fellow will take the reins from there, or so I've read. I suggest we send papa George to Hell without his trophy and keep chipping away at that other soros, his son... not his nephew, bill and hill can work on that. Maybe Bill can take him to that pedophile island place bill loves so much. Heck, Chelsea can tag along too. I'm betting she's been there a time or two herself.

But, I digress. I caution all of us... this IS a CNN article I'm linking to in this post. 40-60 at best on a "truth-lie" scale. Their history speaks for itself. I actually think Mad Magazine had more accurate stats than CNN.



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