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Friday, April 27, 2018

Black Men Are 14% More Likely To Die By "Firearm Homicide" Than White Men

...Or so the statistics show. So where does the real "gun problem" lie? Is it the gun? The bullets? The police? Hate crimes? Self inflicted gun deaths?

I'll argue it's the culture. As the linked article shows, relating to firearms "black men are more likely to die in homicides" while "white men are more likely to die in suicides". And oddly enough, the figures that established the white suicide rate suggests that 60 percent of all gun related suicides occur in "Western States". This information came from studies done via our government's "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research" database. You can find their link to the information in the article I linked to above as well.

I also believe this study suggests that if black homicides were eliminated from the whole equation our gun homicide rate would drop tremendously. Obviously, we can't exclude those figures from the calculations but I'd suggest some sort of effort be employed to dramatically reduce (in a perfect world, eliminate) all black on black homicides altogether. Though, given our the challenges our society faces today I'd argue that such a reduction would not be a realistic or practical suggestion. Call it what you want, paint any pretty picture of it that you might want to paint but the black on black homicides are not going to simply "go away" via a "gun ban".

If the person in possession of a gun is in possession of that gun to commit a criminal act then that person most likely won't care if the gun he or she is in possession of is "registered" or not. Nor will that person care if the gun is "banned". They're going to use it.

At least one reader of the article, Mike Watkins commented with: "Liberals love to tell you how we should emulate some gun-restricting country, like for instance Sweden, because “their low gun homicide rates prove gun control works.

Come back at them with this: if you remove young urban black male homicides by other young urban black males, from US statistics, our gun homicide rate is about the same as Sweden’s.


I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Watkins. One other suggestion that I think should be factored into the study would include those gun related homicides perpetrated by illegal immigrants including those MS-13, etc. folks. Let's factor those figures in and see how low we just might go beyond where the article has our nation at right now.

I'm convinced, given the statistics I've read while reviewing this information that guns are not the problem. Given the varied cultures we've brought into our nation, the wrong people in possession of firearms, their sole purpose of "ownership", their evident intent and their support networks and nefarious incentives suggests the problem lies somewhere other than the "gun" and "legitimate gun ownership". Until we get a grip on our criminal situation we'll continue experiencing this behavior. Homicides will continue to occur and will increase. We need to focus on a solution to the problem, not a politically correct excuse for the problem.

We need to put our "big boy pants" on and admit that our firearms are not the problem, those folks who should never be in possession of them are. We can't effectively "ban" firearms from everyone. We'll only be banning firearms from those who "legally" possess them.

Just sayin'


1 comment:

Dan Thares said...

I would say the vast majority of black men murders are committed by other black men. And of those, most are connected to drug usage/dealing. And of those, by people already banned, ON RECORD, from owning firearms. So lets have so more laws that can and will be ignored and not prosecuted unless it is against an innocent person that made a mistake. One last thing, that "14%" is kind of a falsehood. That is of all men in the USA. Now if it was adjusted by percentage of black men versus white men, Latino men, Asian men, the percentage is much higher.