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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Bill Maher Defends Laura Ingraham?!

Wait! What?!

Bill Maher defends Laura Ingraham AND Free Speech in a liberal panel discussion about the child activist david hog? What the heck's going on here. Maher's a leftist.

Just when I thought I could actually despise someone enough to wholly cull them off of my list of most unfavorable people never to be read or watched again, I read what Maher's done. Maher defended Laura Ingraham's free speech discussion to a panel of ultra liberals HE GATHERED and interacted with on his show?! I quit drinking a long time ago, I don't do ANY drugs, I've been tested and have been told I'm a rational, responsive, mentally healthy human being so what's up with this?! This isn't April 1st. I'm not a complete blithering idiot yet so what's the catch with Maher and that ultra liberal school kid Hog brat thing?

Nah, I read it but still don't want to believe it. It has to be a trap, a set up. I've watched Maher a time or two in the past and couldn't stomach his show from start to end each time I watched it so, something's up.

Liberals don't bash liberals over their treatment of conservatives. Liberals praise liberals for that! Although it can be argued Ingraham's not altogether conservative. Maybe that's the catch... she's not wholly a liberal and she's not wholly a conservative so Hog and his handlers believe she's fair bait. Either way, diaper boy Hogg ain't going to like Bill Maher anymore... Boycott Maher next, eh Hog.


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