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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Mueller's Investigation! Only A Year?!

The "Mueller investigation" has run on for over a year now with "nothing new" or so we're told. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's allegedly been running an "out of control and unaccountable witch hunt against Donald Trump" our POTUS. Special counsel Mueller's been accused of abusing his power, his authority, his mandate "by straying far beyond the scope of his mandate" and he (Mueller) according to the press (liberal AND some conservatives) is in jeopardy of being replaced.

WHY?! I mean, I'm not a Mueller fan. I don't even know him. I don't necessarily like him and I don't necessarily dislike him. He's an investigator at heart. An established, career investigator. Let him do his job. Let him investigate.

I'm not a liberal, I'm not a Republican nor am I anything near a Democrat. I'm not one of those smaller, reactionary "third party" associates and I'm not fond of any party candidates simply because of their "party". I'm a conservative. I'm definitely nowhere near perfect! Not even close. I was raised as a conservative and I was raised to recognize right from wrong and to make my decisions accordingly. I was also raised to accept whatever baggage comes with my decisions and to learn from those decisions- right, wrong or indifferent- then, now, in the future. Logic, common sense and ownership plays a huge part in our life process... or at least it should. Coupled with that comes duty and dedication to yourself, yours and our society. I retired after over forty years of service in the law enforcement career field and am familiar with what it takes to complete a thorough investigation of acts and/or omissions committed by folks. Some of those investigations took years, some are still being investigated. I'm still called back into the fold by folks, by "agencies" to look at challenges to society, law enforcement with a set "fresh eyes" and a "clear mind" in relation to the matter at hand. Several investigations I was assigned and/or performed or helped investigate are still "outstanding". In other words, they're still being investigated but they're not nearly as "fresh" as the new ones being piled on the investigator's desks. The duty bound investigator requires that they all be investigated IN THEIR ENTIRETY... and quite often they can't be.

Obviously I don't know Mueller. But being that career "investigator" I was, I can identify with a lot of his angst, his desire to follow the information to the end. He has legal boundaries that he has to stay within and he's in one helluva politically charged situation. I was lucky. Most of those investigations I did were usually your run of the mill, bad assed idiots who simply went nuts one day and did stupid things. Sure, later in my career I caught quite a few of those planned, pre-meditated, choreographed, "organized" criminal events and yes, I did have folks who would "prefer" I'd simply "get'er-done" fast so as to catch who I could catch and forget about the res. My "handlers" preferred short, sweet investigations that nipped the political element in the bud. They preferred it be wrapped up and that point so I could move on to the next one... or maybe (was it?) so I wouldn't expose the whole puzzle, just the piece(s) they wanted exposed.

"Investigations are outstanding challenges, they provide an outstanding and quite often rewarding career to those who love to be challenged. Every investigation is a puzzle and like any puzzle, every true investigator wants to find all of the pieces and complete the ENTIRE puzzle, not just the pretty picture on the cover. If "it's there", it's there. If it's not, it's not.

For once, I'm "all in" for allowing Mueller to go where he needs to go to get the job done. Legally, he most likely won't be able to complete the puzzle but morally and professionally and personally he's duty-bound. He can't help himself... he's an investigator first, a politico second. He's just trying to solve the whole "puzzle".

Just let the man do his job.


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