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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Obama, the king of illegal immigration...

My usual morning read brought me to this particular article found on the American Patriot Daily. The article showcases Obama's accomplishments relating to at least one particular "immigrant" from Kenya. 45 year old illegal immigrant Billy Chemirmir just might have become this nation's most prolific serial killer. His prey? Elderly women. His weapon? Charm and a pillow and there's most likely more like beasts like Chemirmir "out there" roaming our streets.

It's suggested and believed that he's been killing elderly women (at least) since the day he arrived in our country as an illegal immigrant, protected by the obama's wholly lax "immigration laws". And the liberal left supported this animal and those like him with their "open borders", dreamer policies. Obama's policies made our nation more vulnerable to these predators and he knew and still knows it. He even claims he's "proud" of his "accomplishments" regarding immigration.

Obama, he's not our friend. He never was.


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