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Friday, April 06, 2018

Who's Behind The Invading Horde From South and Central America?

Guess! I'm pretty sure you won't be surprised by the real answer. Here's a hint. He's allegedly a "former" Hungarian Jew who turned against his fellow jews over time and tosses his money around to those who want it, with provisions of course. His birth family was forced to hide their identity and pass themselves off as Christians in order to avoid being marched off by the Nazis to the internment camps where many Jewish folks were subsequently slaughtered. At least, that's the history we're told of this fellow. Either way, he was far too young to be a Nazi SS officer during WWII let alone a member of the SS.

One of the fellows allegedly (wink-wink) behind much, if not all of the funding for most things anti-USA that are happening in this country is obviously the one and only George Soros, at least. It's also apparent Soros has some very sharp, very large hooks that accompany the money he and his fellow "money men" have been "handing out" globally for decades and in particular here in the United States. Before we go any further let's address a couple of challenges up front.

In the interest of fairness and accuracy let's agree that George Soros was not the Nazi SS officer during the Second World War that many of us were led to believe he was. He was only 9 yrs. old when the war started and was 14 or 15 yrs. old when it allegedly came to an end. He is wealthy, he claims to be Jewish but he's also one of the global elite who's been identified as one of those mega-rich yahoos who's "all in" for a new "World Order"... or whatever, however you might want to label it.

These "migrants", these "immigrants" are pawns. Nothing more, nothing less. The migrants, the immigrants themselves are being used by their handlers to invade the United States. Like it or not our country is the "mantle trophy" of the world. There is no greater prize to the global elite than to ensure our republic fails, succumbs to socialism at best. Those who are marching to our borders are, for the most part needy, innocent "victims" who have been convinced there's a better life ahead of them when at the end of their march. They're not the object of my angst. They're doing what they think is best for their families, themselves and quite frankly who wouldn't? Unfortunately, they're being used as pawns by the global elite. The global elite's goal is to occupy and subsequently effect change. They can't adequately effect that change if they don't have the overwhelming force to compel it, peacefully or otherwise.

We, the United States of America are that targeted group and we're in a helluva struggle for our very existence, as we know it.


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