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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Obama And His Administration... Supporting Soros With Our Funds?!

Most of us suspected that the failed POSPOTUS barrack hussein obama and his administration had supported George Soros financially and politically when Soros meddled in Albania's political affairs. Let there be no doubt that there's a "Deep State", "Global Agenda". There's a huge push now more than ever to bring weak, fledgling international communities into the liberal fold. They're promising everything for everyone yet providing little if anything for anyone who climbs on their global bandwagon.

And that piece of shat obummer knew full well the intentions of soros, et. al. I have no doubt that they're still working together to "socialize" the world, one screwed up nation at a time. If the nation's aren't screwed up before the Soros train gets there they will be afterwards. Just ask Abania, France, England, Sweden, etc. It gives a whole new meaning to the East West Management Institute and the "Open Society Foundation"... or not.

Soros is the primary support of the global agenda and he knows he's running out of time. He's trying to ensure his spawn will continue his goal if/when he dies. I'm of the belief that the POS ex-POTUS obama is simply allowing his puppeteer to pull the strings much like what happened when obummer was "in office".


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