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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Europe's Self Imposed Demise!

For at least the past two decades Europe has opened it's collective doors to the invaders from islam, from the Middle East. Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel embraces her liberal muslims as they pour into the very country she was elected to destroy. She's a surviving child of the communist East German bloc, has surrounded herself with "like" liberals and has relentlessly pursued the demise of Germany as we once knew it. She's not shy about opening the borders and embracing, hell protecting those who would prefer that Germany be destroyed. And it is from the government within, from the current seemingly endless migrant horde of invaders.

When you invite the beast into your home you get the wrath of the beast. From the linked article: "In most European countries—including England, Germany, Italy and Russia, Christian deaths outnumbered Christian births from 2010 to 2015" as the muslim populations continue to increase dramatically! Much like a slime mold, it's only a matter of time before islam devours everything in its path. There's far fewer Christian births than muslim births throughout the world. Europe should prepare for more "lone wolf" muslim attacks on Christians or all things non-muslim. The more the Christian base is reduced, the larger the muslim base grows, in comparison. It's simple mathematics.

Nope, the demise of Europe. England, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France... it's by design. Ancient design and it's certainly not a surprise to those of us who are on the outside looking in. Or at least it shouldn't be.


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