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Friday, May 04, 2018

Iran HAS Nuclear Weapons!!

But then again, that's nothing we really didn't know. In fact, our country was instrumental in ensuring Iran achieved their desire to create and posses nuclear warheads capable of destroying their neighbors, at least. That POSPOTUS obama provided them with the materials to make the nuclear devices before he left office. That, coupled with the fact that he sent them cargo plane loads of cold, hard, U.S. Dollars to help them in their endeavors to build up their arsenal should never go unmentioned. The whole world watched, and the whole world laughed... at us.

I copied this from The Gatestone Institute. It suggests that our current POTUS, Donald J. Trump isn't happy with the plan his predecessor, obama supported re: Iran and their efforts to create and/or obtain nuclear weapons. Our current POTUS wants some serious changes to the loosely crafted obama plan, much to the chagrin of the Iranians. It's apparent what the Iranians want "weapons grade" plutonium for. They want it so they can include it in their nuclear weapons program. I'll argue obama knew full well why they wanted it. He also knew full well they weren't going to shut down their research, their manufacture of those very weapons the rest of the world don't want to see them get possession of.

Nah, obama's not our friend. He never was, he never will be. He's a puppet of the left, a whore for the global elite and he's hellbent on destroying our very existence as we know it. But then again, most of those folks on the left are hellbent on destroying us, our republic as we know it.

From the article, "the sunset clauses must be cancelled, the IAEA must have freedom to inspect whatever it demands, and Iran's long-range missile capacity must be curtailed."

The bottom line? Iran now has nuclear weapons. So what are we going to do about it?!

Thanks to Malcolm Lowe's contribution to the Gatestone Institute for an excellent, revealing article. Now we have to follow up on what we've demanded, at least.


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