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Thursday, May 31, 2018

In Case We Miss It...

Our world's going to end.

The United States will be surpassed by China regarding global influence, economy, military, etc. Time travel will be discovered and employed. The polar caps ARE going to melt sooner than later. Venus will become a paradise to us... new discoveries there, etc. Humans will one day breed with aliens which will pretty much ensure we'll live forever... well, at least until the whole universe gets destroyed.

Yeah, we have a whole helluva lot in store for us if we're inclined to believe what this particular now deceased psychic, Bulgarian Baba Vanga tells us. And oddly, she was right more often than not. Go figure.

Don't fret though. Don't run out and buy a bunch of party faves and booze to celebrate the new coming of whatever... Let's just see how her latest two predictions turn out and take it from there, shall we?


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