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Monday, August 13, 2018

Muslims Cannot And Will Not Tolerate Non-Muslims!

It's not a part of their creed, their cultish code.

I was responding to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's public remarks to his nation regarding maintaining and enforcing Israel's Nation State Law and I stumbled upon this fantastic comment by Ibn O Rassooli in the "Comments" section that followed the article. I've read his comments before throughout the years and quite frankly, he hasn't wavered from his stance. I've also shared his thoughts and beliefs re: muslim's alleged "tolerance" towards non-muslims.

There is no true tolerance, no true recognition of any other faith, religion, belief by islam, muslims. Muslims cannot and will not co-exist with non-muslims, kuffar, infidels. They are not allowed to by their very code, their shitrea code.

Oh, an lest we forget islam is not a religion. It never was. Islam is a cult.

But heck, don't believe me. Take it from Ibn Q Rassooli! A far more learned individual regarding islam than I ever will be.

Here's the comment. Take the challenge...

Ibn Q Rassooli • a day ago

As I have repeatedly asserted, demonstrated and conclusively proved to those Israelis, Jews and others regarding the TRUE characteristics of Muslims, I repeat herein once more~

1. No Muslim can ever be BOTH a Good Muslim and a Loyal citizen among non Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels (just watch what is happening in every European country that invited Muslims)

2. Because Muslims follow Allah’s Sharia, every Muslim is automatically the Eternal and Mortal ENEMY of every human being who is NOT a Muslim (80% of current humanity)

3. Since Allah is NOT God (NOT the same as the God of the Bible), Islam is therefore NOT a Religion but a Cult belief system; the Cult of Muhammad.

4. There was NEVER a Palestinian state or a Palestinian people in the last 6000 years of recorded history prior to 1964.

5. Therefore it is pure illusion and utter stupidity to believe that the Muslim so called Arab 'citizens' of Israel can be LOYAL to a Jewish state no matter that they have MORE rights among Jews than among Muslims.

$100,000 says there is not a single human being on planet Earth who can prove me WRONG!
Any challengers willing to lose $100,000 when they fail?

IQ al Rassooli
Kafir & Proud!

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