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Monday, August 27, 2018

More Democrat Fraud!!!

And yet another New York fraud who's a front runner for a state legislative seat.

Julia Salazar... judging from her background that she's provided to the New York elections folks (and a multitude of other organizations) and a subsequent background check completed by outside sources of her personal and "professional" background that she provided to the state's demoncrat party and the elections board, it's evident she's not an "immigrant" per se. Well, let's rephrase that. SHE'S NOT AN IMMIGRANT. She's also NOT JEWISH, she was raised Catholic. And she's not several other things she's claimed to be to get her foot in the door via a state Senate seat.

Yet, she's the front runner for the demoncrats re: that particular district's senate position.

That just goes to remind us all... the demoncrats continue to fabricate, support and subsequently elect frauds for their critical State legislatures much like they most likely do for their national politicos.

Ya' gotta love politics... NOT!

Them Dems... they lie to themselves about themselves, they lie to each other about themselves... that's how they get ahead.

Yet their voters don't seem to care.

You can get the complete and well written expose story at Tablet Magazine's online site. It's a great and exposing read. Judging from what they dug up on this Salazar fraudster it should be damning to her and the demooncrats! But then again, it is the demoncrats we're discussing here. The expose of her fraudulent history just might elevate her to the top of the list of candidates within her party.



1 comment:

Glenn Heryford said...

The motto of the socialist/demokrat is simple, Tell a lie often enough it becomes truth. That doesn't mean in reality it is indeed truth but that it becomes believable by many. Anybody that does not conform to the socialist way of thinking then the left will attempt to destroy them be it their life, their career, and or their family.
the cancer is spread far and wide and I personally believe the Republicans have been infiltrated by socialist/demokrats in the effort to defeat the people of the U.S. from within.
I am afraid Trump will be taken down and I must ask, what then?