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Monday, August 13, 2018

Migration... And The Left Wants Open Borders?!

Chain migration, immigration, migration, refugees... Call it what you want, it ain't working. At least not for the non-muslim nations of the world. Europe opened its arms to an invasion of muslim, mid-east, African, global "refugees" and migrants over the past several years and the migrants are asserting their laws, their rules, their culture and beginning to reap their "rewards" much to our European friends chagrin.

Europe is knee-jerking as a result of the impacts the massive "immigration" has caused to their respective countries via the seemingly "open borders" immigration.

Europe is just now catching on to the mess, the cancer they've created, encouraged and subsequently cultivated. They're trying desperately to catch up the the hordes of "immigrants", "refugees" who were invited into their respective countries and are now trashing the hell out of their respective countries, not to mention their respective cultures.

Nope. This "open borders, refugee, migration" thing was not a good idea. If the "refugees" are in need of assistance. If they're in genuine need of care and protection then I still suggest those who desire to help them have them "refugee" in place. Let's take our care to their shores, their soils, their locales.

Don't bring them to ours. If they want to migrate then they can migrate via the respective receiving, agreeing nation's immigration laws and procedures, not make shift, U.N. "approved/sanctioned/enforced" compulsive "immigration".

Remember, the United Nations... it's not our friend.


Thanks to Daniel Pipes and the Middle East Forum for the linked information.


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