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Sunday, August 12, 2018

It Looks Like Things Got Stormy for Stormy

Judging from the judge's latest decision it looks like the old slut Stephanie Clifford, aka: Stormy Daniels will be paying at least a thousand bucks a month to her estranged husband, her daughter's father Glendon Crain for child support, mortgage on the home they shared, car payments for a BMW and a Cadillac and a whole bunch more. Crain stands to get a bunch of other goodies from Clifford/Daniels as well and stands a chance to collect a bunch more money, reportedly up to 50% or more from her "lawsuit settlements" if/when Clifford/Daniels ever wins any lawsuits.

I guess choreographed, scripted, filmed and sold fornication and legal "extortion" of sorts does have it's price. Especially if you're played by the liberal media and politicos to the extent that Clifford/Daniels has been played. She loved the attention now she can reap the "rewards".

I can't even imagine what she was thinking when she thought she'd get full custody of her daughter. She has to be half baked. I mean, she's on the tail end (no pun intended) of her career, aging rapidly and becoming more of a public figure than that of the pubis adult entertainment specialist she's proven herself so adept to being. From what I've read, heard and seen things don't normally go well for aging sex performers later in life. But she does have an "Ace in the hole"... she's allegedly an aspiring "director" in the "adult entertainment" industry.

Either way, her "big bucks" gleaned from her "career" as a sex toy and her potential earnings from any lawsuits that just might be decided in her favor will be dis-proportionally shared with Glendon Crain, the father of their child in support of the child.

Stephanie Clifford/Stormy Daniels, consider yourself having been "Trumped".

She's just another tool used by the left and tossed to the curb. Karma... it happens.


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