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Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's a matter of choice, isn't it?

What are our choices? What does islam have in store for us?

Me, I'm a Christian. Maybe not a good one, not a devout one but I am still a Christian.

I'm not a church going, bible quoting, everyday active Christian but I am still a Christian. I was raised with Christian morals, Christian beliefs, Christian values and I passed those along to my children.

No matter the faith Christianity seems to have a common thread--- peace.

Oh sure you have the fanatics, the "spin off" groups, those folks who are really "out there" serving their own personal causes under the guise of Christianity. Every religion has those.

It's just some religions have an abundance of those groups--- those "fundamenalists", "hard liners". islam seems to be one of those religions that's driven by these folks. Wherever there's a conflict today, wherever in the globe there's slaughter, killing, torture, rape you'll find a connection to islam, the religion of peace.

Why the "moderates" of this religion condone these "radicals", "fanatics"--- "fundamentalists" is becoming more evident with each passing incident. These fundamentalist muslims are islam's army of conversion.

They are doing the dirty work for those more "moderate" muslims, the one's who claim they are the "peaceful, tolerant" muslims that islam is all about.

With the silent support of the moderates, the fundametalist muslims continue to impose sharia law. Converting, dhimmifying wherever they can. Demanding concessions, slaughtering those who refuse to convert, those who denounce islam, those who resist sharia law and all that islam stands for.

It's no surprise that imams and muftis throughout the world are speaking out with more angst, more urgency than ever before. They have the backing of the moderates and the strength of the fundamentalists. They are encouraging their fellow muslims to act out, to impose their customs, their beliefs, their "religion" on the rest of the world.

They're advocating the destruction of the United States, conversion of all jews and christians--- dhimmification of those who fail to convert--- slaughter of those who refuse to subject and those whose religious beliefs are not favorably mentioned in the qur'an.

Americans have a price tag on our heads wherever we go. Primarily Christian Americans.

Nope, I'm not one of those mainstream, every day practicing Christians but I am a Christian.

I won't convert and I won't be dhimmified, which leaves the muslims no other choice for me. It's a pretty simple answer, isn't it.

What about you?

Special thanks to The Jihad Watch and so many other sources listed in the side bar for relevant links and information over the past couple of years.


USpace said...

Great stuff, well said, we gotta keep waking people up, check out SIAD in Europe, and of course The Gates of Vienna among others. Thanks for the visit, the comment, and the link, you beat me to it. :)

Also, may I suggest you turn on 'Links to Post' or 'backlinks' (unless you've decided against it), it may help you get more traffic.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
plan jihad for longest term

outbreed the infidels
one day vote in sharia

ttueoop said...

Thanks USpace- People do tend to get complacent over time. When it's "in your face" day in and day out they don't have time to. The reports of global intolerance, bloodshed and slaughter in the name of islam seem to fall through the cracks of the mainstream, drive by media. Oh sure, they're reported but usually buried in the publication with little or no information regarding the activity. And rarely are these incidents followed up on beyond the original reporting of them.

Now, when the United States soldiers kill several "insurgents" in Iraq in self defense while trying to shoot their way out of an ambush the incidents are reported on the front pages--- (complete with pictures)--- and are followed well beyond the story's life expectancies.

It's sad to admit that the terrorists are kicking our butts on the media front. But then again, the media has never truly been pro America.

BTW--- your "absurd thought" is so damned "on the mark" here!