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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(What happened to the "Discuss" option?)

You've seen that sentence at the bottom of the "news" posts on Yahoo haven't you? The one that links to several paragraphs explaining why the "Discuss" option was removed from the Yahoo boards.

I'll spare you some linking and reading.

In short Yahoo management states the option was removed so as to provide for the creation of a more impartial, moderated (read censored), less informative alternative to the previously candid, frank discourse that occurred daily.

Although I wasn't addicted to discussing my view of world events with others after reading certain Yahoo posts, I did "Discuss" them--- quite often. And boy, it was apparent that islam was not to be discussed in a "bad light". Hence, the truth about islam was rarely told by those in the forums who chose to defend it's very existence.

However, I wasn't there for islam's defense. I was there to expose some of the fallacies of islam, some of the lies, the deceptions, the greed. Some of those truths shared with me by some of you.

I always supported my discussions with links to facts about islam. Of course, the bulk of those links--- well, let's just say they were condemned as "lies" by those mooslums arguing in defense of their satanic, islamic, bloodthirsty cult.

As these frank, candid discussions continued the mooslum's angst would increase in proportion to the facts and information revealed. Invariably, this angst would reach it's peak, resulting in complaints to Yahoo by the packs of mooslums frequenting that particular board. Those complaints quite often resulted in the (temporary) individual revocation of the "Discuss" option for the conveyor of facts.

This tactic effectively cleared the way for those "offended" mooslums packs to lie, deceive, berate and belittle the remaining readers as those particular muslims do.

Anyway, for what it's worth that's my take on this most recent little annoyance on Yahoo.


Gravelrash said...

This is getting to be the common reaction of many MSM-streamers. You WILL NOT THINK THIS WAY....and we have ways and means of ensuring you don't.
Time for Americans to use their Constitution....... I am in mind of the 2nd Ammendment, often!
I am a bit of an American history buff, and I've been fascinated by the Boston Tea Party since I was a child.
I often marvel at the heroics of those men, having (as a descendant of Irish convicts in Australia) a very real understanding of the all-pervasive and extremely brutal power the English of those times exerted.
What must the pressures have been, that would drive men to risk their families, livelihoods, their very being, and take the stands they did?
Imagine the first tentative conversations that clearly indicated, "I am talking revolution and resistance here, not just grumbling about taxes". The bravery in just that initial verbalising! A noose awaited the first ill-advised conversation, the first slip of the tongue, the overheard whisper - yet they managed to create a band of brothers that overthrew the intolerable.
What a history! What an example to live up to.
One if by land, two if by sea.

Dennis said...

For years--- decades I've believed we (the middle class and lower class public) have been led around by the media, by our controlling government, those in control of the "know". We're taken only to where they want us to go, not to where we want to go. If we resist we become outcasts, trouble makers, nay-sayers.

Like you I've thought of those who take that first step towards non-conformity. How they seem to draw attention to themselves, their purpose, their activities. They're the pathfinders for the more popular causes yet they're the only ones doing something--- at least for the time being.

That's when the whole cause is most vulnerable, in it's infancy. Main stream reactions are quite often swift and powerful--- reactions whose sole purposes are designed so as to put an abrupt end to any suggestions, any urges and leans towards a direction other than where the mainstream crowd wants to take us.

It's fascinating to watch yet it's more than frightening. There should be no power that discourages, dissuades or prevents free thought and free expression. We should be afforded the opportunities to change course as we see fit. Particularly if that course is a proper course, a sensible course.

As you mentioned, our ancestors gave their very lives for their expressions, their thoughts. I would like to think we've benefitted from their sacrifices.

Most recently there are times where I doubt we have.

Anonymous said...

As an atheist of muslim heritage, I once again find the hypocricy of your diatribe typical of American yahoos. "We can do whatever we want, and if someone is angry, well, they are evil!"

How about this solution with regards to muslims, that I think would benefit everyone. Ban all immigration from muslim nations (probably should from latin america as well). AT THE SAME TIME, stop invading, interfering with muslim nations. This would also create less muslim refugees that end up moving to the west (20k plus in the last year alone to Sweden). Yes, strict ideological muslims want to make everyone muslim eventually (as do a lesser percentage of christians at some level). But leaving them to themselves, and not allowing them into your own nations would have been the easiest solution. You can't have your cake and eat it to. (Invade, and expect total allegience)

Taking a formerly muslim area, making a jewish country out of it with european migrants that were forced to flee europe because of white christian mass murder, and not expecting those muslims to be a little pissed is a bit presumptious is it not?

Are muslims evil? Not most individuals, but the religion itself is like the Borg in many ways, and wants to world to fall under it's fold. But if left alone and kept out of the west, the vast majority of individuals do not give a rat's ass that some woman in England wears a bikini or some man in the USA is gay. But they do care when some western nation invades their country and tries to force their way of life onto them.

Anonymous said...

I was a large user of Yahoo discuss as well, but more for entertainment.

The discussions that took place were always between some dumb redneck and some naive college kids. They always devolved into name-calling and vauge threats.

Before they (thankfully) killed all discussions, about 30% of the post were seeking sex and the rest were attacking/defending bush/clinton. The story could be about a newly discovered black hole and the discussion would still be rednecks and college know-it-alls discussing clinton and bush.

Pretty sure your theory is what we call "paranoia", but judging from your page, apparently that's your thing.

ttueoop said...

Well, your choice of "News Events" that you read must be a bit racier than those I choose to read. I don't recall anyone wanting to have sex with anyone in the comments section (let alone the 30% you're claiming) nor do I recall the "rednecks or college know it alls" turning the discussions into support or attacks on Clinton or Bush.

For the most part folks stayed on topic. And for the most part the discussions were energetic and enlightening.

Oh sure, we had the occasional fool who'd try to inject their off topic jargon into the discussions but they were no match for the ignore button.

The bulk of the discussions I participated in involved world events. Not just islam, though it's very difficult to discuss world events these days without discussing islam.

However, we had very good, candid, energetic discussions (all sides) regarding Hugo Chavez, the United States, UK, Canada, france, European Union, Russia, China, North Korea, etc. without diverting to islam or the islamic movement throughout the world.

These discussions were not spawned from paranoia. Rather they were brought to life because of certain shared observations, interests, curiousities, etc. of world events as they occurred.

Something many of us Americans did not pay attention to prior September 11, 2001.

We like to chalk it up to an enhanced vigilance and enlightenment now--- not paranoia.

I find it wildly and hilariously ironic that I am accused of being paranoid by you, someone who chooses to post your comments anonymously so as to (seemingly) hide your identity from the object of your comments.

Now that's a bit of paranoia, wouldn't you agree?

Either way, thanks for visiting and thank you for your thoughts.

ttueoop said...

Oh, and to my other "anonymous" friend from the north, thanks for your comments too. It's good to see you're an atheist of muslim heritage. I can certainly understand how islam would guide ex-practitioners towards atheism.

I can't understand where you read into my post the "We can do whatever we want, and if someone is angry, well, they are evil!" thread of thought.

I must have truly missed something--- some missed interpretation of my post.

I appreciate your candor. You share wonderful insight and ideas on the blog here. When you suggest that we (the west? the United States? Canada?) "Ban all immigration from muslim nations (probably should from latin america as well)." you're suggesting the impossible but stating the obvious.

I agree, that would serve to solve the problem and would leave them to themselves in their own part of the world. I also agree we (the world, not just the United States) should "stop invading, interfering with muslim nations." Leave them alone to do upon themselves whatever they choose to do.

However, when they cross international borders, kill thousands of innocent citizens and openly declare war on our nations then those "strict ideological muslims (who) want to make everyone muslim"--- and those who support these types should be hunted down like the true cowards they are and summarily destroyed.

I, like them, do care when someone invades our country and tries to force their way of life onto us.

I don't agree with appeasement, concessions, tolerance when the sole benefactor is as arrogant and demanding as these "strict ideological muslims (who) want to make everyone muslim" and their more moderate muslim enablers are.

Those muslims will not assimilate. They refuse to assimilate and will do all in their power to destroy those who do.

Nope, we can't have our cake and eat it too--- no one can.

Thanks for your visit and subsequent comments.

USpace said...

Yahoo, useful idiots...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never debate moonbat thoughts

truth eventually wins
one on one they will fold

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